How did everything started?

We all know how much they help us with the fire and the flood, the interventions in which we have unanimously concluded that. Yes, they are our heroes.
Above all of their job what they do for us throught each year at the end of the year they are helping one more time. Zagreb Firefighters organizes Zagreb Firefighter Stair Challenge for Association of parents of children with the most severe disabilities „The Hummingbirds“.

The idea for the climb was inspired by the same kind of climb in Auckland – New Zealand, Seattle – USA, etc. On these climbs, firefighters also climbs for their societies in need. Unfortunately, all over the world, while we all run away from the dangers of smoke and fire, the firefighters bravely enter the buildings above to help us, so they need to be in a good good physical and mental condition. Through this humanitarian challenge firefighters want to show their readiness by running to the top of a business building that has 31 floors, promoting their job, pointing to the dangers they face every day, and, in addition, helping those who are in need.

Zagreb Firefighter Stair Challenge is the name of this Humanitarian Action. The goal of this action is to once again help those in need.

But exactly why „The Hummingbirds“? Because they are small but still big fighters, because they are the ones who are struggling through the fiery streak of life. All firefighters, therefore, help small hummingbirds to get everything they need to master the fires in their lives.