Zagrepčanka 512

(ZFSC 2013-2016)

Our first steps were made on December 14, 2013. when only 35 men and 3 women participated in the Zagreb Firefighter Stair Challenge (ZFSC).

The race took place in building Zagrepčanka, Savska cesta in Zagreb. The race was worn by the name of Zagrepčanka 512, as well as the race of citizens held on the same day. The following year, 2014, there were twice more competitors, 60 firefighters, then 2015 107 competitors, and in 2016 118 competitors.
For the first 4 years, we have had two categories, up to 30 and over 30, were men and women competed separately.
The staircase was single and there were 480 stairs from a total of 512 in the staircase.
The mandatory equipment was protective clothing, boots, gloves, and helmet for structural fire. Some brave competitors also wore breathing apparatus, firefighting equipment, pipes, hooligans, etc.

All in all, we have grown as a race over 100 contestants and we decided to separate the race from citizens and make an independent stair challenge

The fastest times in Zagrepčanka building was:

Domen Pavlić (SLO) – 3:21.15
Martina Combaj (CRO) – 4:57.00

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Photos from past races: