ZFSC 2017

Challenge was held on 02.12.2017. starting at 10 am, in the VMD business building, at Strojarska 20 in Zagreb. Differently from the past years where we competed on 480 stairs, this year competition was held on 666 steps. Similarly, compared to last year, we added new categories, and competitors could choose whether to compete in the Light, Open or Strong category. We also added more age categories, men and women separately. The competition was again international because our friends from Slovenia joined us again. On the challenge itself, 189 firefighters applied, and 161 firefighters finished the challenge.

This year, as in all previous years, we have been running the charity for the Croatian Association of Leukemia and Lymphoma. By 2017, we have collected 37,200.00 HRK, and we have shown again the complexity not only firefighters but all citizens of Croatia. Thank you to all who have helped and / or participated in this challenge and charity.

As part of the action, we organized the Charity Dance where we learned to dance salsa. Just as every year we organized two training sessions and set up stalls in the center of Zagreb to inform citizens about the challenge itself. In addition, we had a Charity Number for Calling too.

The whole action from the start to the end was followed by the radio station Zabavni radio – Radio Martin, and other radio stations, as well as Večernji list were reported, and we were on HRT and NOVA TV. Thanks to all the media that have followed the main event as well as other events related to our charity. Also, thank you very much for all the sponsors without which it would be extremely difficult to finance this:
VMD Group, Zabavni Radio, Večernji list, Nova TV, Plus hosting, Titan.hr, MO Sesvetski Kraljevec, Sekra, Stotinka, Adacta, Vatropromet, Delform Etirun, UHS.

Results of the 2017 challenge you can find on the link:


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