ZFSC 2021

For the second year in a row, our charity firefighter race had to be held virtuali, but thatjust showed what a big and connected “family” the firefighter community really is,especially when we are doing charity work.

Zagreb Firefighter Stair Challenge charity race took place on the 4th Decembe, 2021.as a virtual, charity firefighter race. This race has been held for the ninth year in a row,and unfortunately for the second year in a row due to the epidemic it wasorganized asa virtual race.

As in the last three years, once again we collected donations for the Kolibrićiassociation, an association of parents of vitally sick children. These are the children whoneed 24hour care, and the diseases are unfortunatelynot treatable. In order to collectas many donations as possible, in addition to the donations from the entry fees, westarted an auction Facebook group, and we continued that activity this year also.Citizens from all over Croatia and beyond joined us atthe auctions, there were variousitems such as paintings, Tshirts, cups, backpacks, local products such as brandy,kulen, jam, but also precious necklaces, accommodation for holidays etc. The auctionsitself was followed by more than 2000 people in the Facebook group.
Us, firefighters
and citizens,collected a total of 46 161.62 kuna.

On thestotinka.hrwebsite, 161 firefighters from all over Croatia, from Istria andDalmatia, through Central Croatia and Slavonia, registered and ran their race virtually.We ran to Ivanščica, but also to Roški slap, along the Adriatic coast, but also on thelongest stairs in Zagreb. The race was once again international and we were joined bycolleagues from Hungary, Sloveniaand France. After the race, the firefighters sent ustheir photos and videos with short descriptions of where and on which steps in the worldthey ran.

One of the messages from Hungary:
We also successfully met the challenge in Szombathely, Hungary. My little girl, Jázmin, regularly accompanies me to the stairrun races in Hungary, even now she didn’t have enough of the 88 steps required in her category. Jasmine (EASY) ran up in the Watertower 1x, which means 338 steps from the street level.
I (OPEN) ran up in the Watertower 2x, which means 676 steps from street level. We liked to help the Hummingbird Foundation.
Thank you for the opportunity, we hope to meet you in person next year.
Gabriella and her little daughter, Jázmin from Hungar”

Compared to the actual race last held in 2019. we only had half the number ofcompetitors, and we hope that in 2022.g. the situation around the epidemic will change,and we will all hang out together in Zagreb.

You can find more about the whole race, last year’s charity, as well as find info aboutthe Hummingbirds association on the website: